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  • It's a mouse and a scanner with just a few clicks  you can scan text, tables or photos
  • scan a spread sheet or table and place it directly into excel, with the information placed into the cells 
  • Scan text and immediately you are able to edit in Word or Excel 
  • OCR (Optical character recognition) supports 199  languages (but to improve the accuracy of the software, you can only detect 3 languages at a time). 
  • Scan and immediately  share on social media; Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Scan images and search on Google
  • Easy to use
  • Resolution : up to 400dpi 


What do you get in the box? You get your USB mouse, zcan pad, DVD with the software on it, and instruction manual.  Comes in White with a blue, green, red or orange center button (**colours selection may vary depending on availability of stock)


Lisa Louise Cooke  gave it a two thumbs up and Thomas MacEntee says that it's more than a "tech toy". Click the hyperlink to check out their reviews at Shop the Hound. 


All pricing is in Canadian $. 

  • Item #: SE-ZCAN+


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